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Bloggers Community Conference 2017

As someone who started, left, started blogging again, when I came to know about this conference through Facebook, I thought it would be a good experience for me. I and a friend couldn't get the tickets at the start but... Continue Reading →


5 Places to eat from if you’re broke & a Karachiite!

When it comes to food, there’s no match for Karachi. When it comes to a budget, cheap yet good clean food Karachi again takes the trophy! If you’re someone who has no issues with the environment and can adjust anywhere... Continue Reading →

Draw in class? Welcome aboard!

When i was a kid, i loved drawing, not in class though. I used to be a very picky, organized person when it came to my copies and note books. I wanted to make sure my headings were big and... Continue Reading →

بے نام

نقاب کے اندر رہتے  ہوۓ اس نے   اگر کچھ باتیں سیکھیں تو اس میں سے ایک  یہ تھی کہ لوگ اپ کو بہت جلدی جج   کرتے ہیں ۔  اپ کے بارے میں بہت جلدی ازیوم کرلیتے ہیں۔ اکیلے بیٹھے ہوۓ... Continue Reading →

Twitter in Real Life

What would it be like to actually live twitter? You speak as you tweet. Your twitter followers, following you wherever you go. Which would seem like a rally or something. You see individuals with a thousand people walking behind their... Continue Reading →

Book Review & Author Interview: "The Beginning After The End" by Hafsa Idrees

This story is about two young people; Chrishuannaand Allan. They both are high school best friends. Chrishuanna loves Allan dearly but Allan on the other hand isn't interested in Chrissie the way she is in him.The first chapter starts with Chrishuanna at... Continue Reading →

Book Review: 101 Wisdumbs by Mateen Hamza

Humor certainly has a special place in our lives, especially in a man’s life. It is said that women usually fall for the trait of humor in a man.In this book the author Mateen Hamza has unraveled his Wisdumbs on bosses,... Continue Reading →

Campaign Launch: I Am The Change.

Attended the campaign launch of the project I Am The Change by Engro Foundation today. Their idea being ' Real change begins when individuals join forces to take collective actions '. The event started at around 3:30 with Sir Sarfaraz... Continue Reading →


Listen to the Audio here :  Audio Of Talluq.دعا -  بندے اور رب کا تعلق :میں نے کچھ عرصہ پہلے ایک لیکچر سنا تھا ۔  کچھ ضروری باتیں تھیں جو میں یہاں بیان کرنا چاھونگی۔جب بھی کوئ پریشانی ھو تو... Continue Reading →

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