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Weight Loss Journey: the challenge

Been postponing this for ages. I wanted to write a very posh piece on how I joined this fitness challenge and lost some pounds. I'm writing this in my phone's default notepad app, not even a downloaded one that I can... Continue Reading →

Just a Date

It's that time of the year again where people are celebrating new year. Where everyone is coming up with new resolutions just for the sake of them because let's face it, only a few actually abide by them. I remember... Continue Reading →


Sweat and blood in which he was covered, Clothes that he wore; almost torn apart, Tired was his body and peaceful his soul, Winter was here and boy was it cold? Relief and peace was on his mind, For his... Continue Reading →

You would not want to miss this!

Oye, kuch kar guzar is certainly one of the most up-to-date, trendy, fresh from the oven if i may say; film that you absolutely NEED to watch. Even though it seems like its pure entertainment, its so much more than... Continue Reading →

Oye! Kuch Kar Guzar – Pakistans First

When was the last time you opened an actual dictionary to find the meaning of something? Pretty long huh? That’s how much the world has progressed. Living in the 21st century no one uses an actual dictionary, calculator, calendar and... Continue Reading →

Draw in class? Welcome aboard!

When i was a kid, i loved drawing, not in class though. I used to be a very picky, organized person when it came to my copies and note books. I wanted to make sure my headings were big and... Continue Reading →

Basics – Digital Design

Everything is divided in to two main formats, well-structured and ill-structured, may that be a pencil, a hair dryer or a frying pan. Everything has its own set of standards and rules that have to be applied for the user... Continue Reading →

First Exercise: Lets Trend Something!

It was just another class of social media and we were waiting for our Sir to arrive and enlighten us even more than he did last week, little did we know today we had to get moving! So it was... Continue Reading →

دو پہلو

دراصل ہر بات میں کچھ سچ بھی ہوتا  ہے اور کچھ جھوٹ بھی۔ کچھ ہاں اور کچھ نہ۔ یعنی کوئ بات اپکو بہت سلجھی ہوئ لگے گی اور دوسرے  نظریئے سے دیکھیں تو بہت الجھی ہوی لگے گے۔کوئ بھی چیز سرٹن... Continue Reading →

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