As someone who started, left, started blogging again, when I came to know about this conference through Facebook, I thought it would be a good experience for me. I and a friend couldn’t get the tickets at the start but the organizers were helpful and assisted us throughout. The cover photo of the event page stated, how to make money online. Their description said that they’d be covering a bunch of topics and not just blogging. Their main focus was said to be on the following:

Google AdSense
Affiliate marketing
Web Designing
Content writing
Social Media Marketing

The conference took place at Karachi Arts Council, Gulrang Hall. The hall was jam-packed. There were so many people that the air conditioners stopped working. The organizers of the conference, Mr. Mohsin Zia and Mr. Usama Masood had publicized the conference in different TV channels as well as newspapers as well. Which is why an unexpected amount of audience turned up, some people even came from all the way to Hyderabad.


A total number of 8 speakers were lined up. All of them came from different backgrounds and were specialized in different things. The first speaker was Mr. Mohammad Mustufa Ahmed Zai, the owner of I personally enjoyed his session the most. He came with this theory of Plan A and Plan B. He also stressed upon the importance of having a skill set and earning through it, which I totally agree with. Nowadays you don’t even need to go to an institute to learn, you can learn complete soft wares through YouTube. All you need is a PC and a good internet connection.

Next up was Mr. Abdul Wali, he is the owner of the website called, His website provides tutorials in Urdu. What better way to learn something new, than in a language that is your mother tongue. I find his website very useful. His main focus was on how blogging is done and how we can achieve lots by using a Payoneer card and affiliate marketing.

On the third number, we had a young gentleman named Shujain Ali. He runs his own SEO consultancy and is into web content writing. He gave an elaborate presentation on how you can use SE to earn and get into the online business. He focused more on the technicalities of the whole system. The next speaker was Mr. Raymond Fernandez, also an SEO consultant, successfully running his own agency, he joined us through skype and was very humble in teaching us how he started his own company and how SEO helps your content. After the skype sessions, we were joined by Mr. Zahid Sheikha, his main focus was on the importance of time. He made us realize the power of consistency and why is it necessary to schedule everything beforehand. He also shared a few life examples of his own.

The last three sessions were of Mohammad Umer Iftikhar, who blogs at Blogger CEO, a comedian named Nadir Ali and Mr. Mohsin Zia the organizer of the show. Mr. Umer Iftikhar shared how YouTube can be used for earning money. He emphasized on producing original content instead of copying others data. He also focused on the importance of Niche blogging, on the whole everyone was promoting the idea of niche blogs and websites.

Most of the audience belonged to the age groups of 45+ and early twenties. They were here to learn the basics of online earning. Most of them weren’t aware of blogging, freelancing websites and were new to all these concepts. Mr. Mohsin Zia along with his friend Mr. Usama Masood are also planning to open an institute in the near future in Karachi. They plan to provide courses of AdSense, blogging, freelance work, social media and etc.


Picture Credits: Bloggers Community Conference 2017 – [Event Highlights]