When was the last time you picked up a pencil and started drawing flawlessly? Don’t remember? Because for most of us that have never happened. Unless you’re very good at sketching or have spent half of your life in an art school, drawing would make no sense to you! Since I’m the only art student in the family, whenever one of my siblings have an art project or presentation, I’m the person they bring chocolates for.

Yesterday my sister had a project related to owls. She wanted me to sketch it out for her. I was really busy with some other assignments, so I asked her to search the web and draw it herself. She found this amazing class at SkillShare. Just like most of the classes, it didn’t have an instructor chirping around in the background, instead, there was soft music playing so you can concentrate solely on the drawing. She enjoyed the whole class and made me watch it as well.


Owls are tricky creatures, especially when it comes to sketching them.  In Violetas’ class, she started off with some basic shapes and went on to teach detailed drawings of the owl as well. Even I had fun watching them.

At her channel she states,

Starting from 0 draw skill, you’ll be drawing with full creativity all the way. 

I try to keep it simple, so you can focus on what is really important: the draw!

Here’s the link for the whole class: Violetas Class, Learn how to draw an Owl 4 different ways.

With the constantly changing tech world, it’s important kids learn to find their way themselves. Like Violetas’ class, I’m sure you’ll find more interesting courses online as well. Don’t forget to check her account though for more fun-filled classes for your little ones and yourself!