When it comes to food, there’s no match for Karachi. When it comes to a budget, cheap yet good clean food Karachi again takes the trophy! If you’re someone who has no issues with the environment and can adjust anywhere like a chameleon than this list is definitely for you.

  • Eat On


Eat on is definitely my all-time favorite place to head to when it’s the end of the month and I want good affordable BBQ food that is able to fill my gigantic food processing machine that needs refills every two hours. It’s clean, cheap and most of all its delicious. Plus if you go to their Phase 2 franchise they have this fun typography wall with interesting lines so you enjoy the view, as well as your taste buds, are having a disco party.

  • Meerath Kabab House

Meerath comes second in this list not because of taste but I felt it’s a bit expensive than Number 1. Meerath has different branches all over in Karachi and is loved by a lot of people for their Kababs. Hygiene is okay and not necessarily its best point. The dining area is adjustable too though given the traffic they receive there’s certainly room for improvement. The food is splendid. Loved their ‘Malai Boti’. It’s like you stop thinking of everything and concentrate on the food only.

  • Jamil Bakers

If you’re up for some Biryani or Chinese or Broast, Jamil Bakery is the place to be. Although mostly known for its Biryani, Jamil Bakery is a shop in Dhorajhi with a sitting area on the road if someone wishes to eat there. We usually order their Biryani, Broast and Zinger. Their broast is my mother’s all-time favorite and their Biryani is one of the best biryanis in town. Just the right amount of everything.

  • Pizza Inc


If you’re a pretty cheesy person and cheese is all you can think of you have to try Cheese Deluxe at least once in your lifetime. Where else would you get a good, tasty, clean Pizza, 2 slices of Garlic bread and a soft drink just for Rs 230? Pizza Inc only people. I tried multiple flavors and enjoyed all of them. Their Chicken Wings are classic and don’t even get me started on their garlic bread!

  • Iqbal Tikka House

Located in one of the neighborhoods in Baloch Colony, essentially catering to BBQ and fast food Iqbal Foods is one place you can hang out with your friends and family. An average place with good food considering the fact that you’re on a budget. The environment in the family hall is calm and subtle. I would personally not recommend its BBQ even though the name suggests otherwise.

Do let me know your go to places when you’re broke or just in general, different opinions are always welcomed especially if they’re about food!