Been postponing this for ages. I wanted to write a very posh piece on how I joined this fitness challenge and lost some pounds. I’m writing this in my phone’s default notepad app, not even a downloaded one that I can be all ‘shoki’ about. I’m just utilizing the time I have left till I reach my destination. Basically, I’m in the car right now. Sorry, got dragged. Weight loss.

I came across the fitness challenge at the start of 2016 as well, was discouraged by some friends and family members on how these are just crash diets and won’t be much of a help. At the start of the challenge that’s what I thought as well. Sure I was working my ass off for an hour doing squats and bungee jumping and what not while having to carry weights for the first time but no I wasn’t losing much on the scale. In fact, I thought I had lost the least in the first two weeks.

My routine went something like this, I wake up, have a glass of lemon water. Have my breakfast which would usually be an apple or a slice of bran bread with only egg whites omelet fried in two tbsp of olive oil. So the basic thing is, whatever you eat; it has to be cooked in two tbsp olive or coconut oil. I’m not so sure about the coconut oil, I’ll have to recheck that. I had to have six meals a day, each having two to three hours in between. I also couldn’t have bread in my meals after the workout. 😞

We were also asked to have this detox drink every night before sleeping, honestly speaking I didn’t have it. Nor was I taking the lemon water regularly which is one of the reasons I lost less in the whole challenge as to what I could have.

Lemon water is really good for weight loss, now I’m not entirely sure how it works out but I noticed that only by adding one lemon in warm water and having it on an empty stomach regularly helped me speed up my weight loss process. We were also allowed one teaspoon of honey a day. You can add that as well to it for a more pleasant taste. If you’re unable to digest the taste of lemon in the morning, just take hot water, hot enough that you’re able to drink it, also helps in weight loss.

Before I go ahead into how the whole thing was for me let me share how I felt at the end of it so that maybe this can be a source of motivation for you, who’s also trying to shed a few pounds here and there. After three weeks into the challenge (this was a five week one), I had become more active. I didn’t just groomed physically but mentally and emotionally as well. My personality changed for the better. I was becoming a better person every day. One, who looked forward to her workout sessions, who looked forward to new experiences and one who had stopped given a shit about the most unnecessary things. Working out, being active and losing weight is not only good for your health and body but trust me when I say this, you as a person become better. You start to love yourself and feel more alive. This challenge was a good change for me, btw I’m doing the next one as well.

Back to how it started, my first day after the workout, I couldn’t walk straight, I couldn’t sit without resisting the pain. The worst part in the first week was stairs. I couldn’t possibly go up or down without bearing the pain in my legs. It was horrible. I remember telling my parents that I’m giving up. I remember regretting my decision. I remember planning a speech I’ll give to convince them for letting me leave the challenge in between. My source of motivation were my friends and family members. A few of my really close friends, my parents, grandparents, and siblings were the most motivating in all of this. My mother spent most of her time in the kitchen preparing meals for me separately and then for the whole family. If it wasn’t for them being there by my side I couldn’t have achieved what I did. Even though my journey has just started I know I can achieve what I want with persistence and will power.

After the first two weeks when I got my weight checked I had lost so little that I started crying. I’m a very sensitive person, who’s also a foodie. Complete foodie. I love food. I live for food. Knowing that I had been controlling my cravings for two weeks and exercising like hell and still losing almost none of the fat that I carry around was not just disappointing but painful as well. I experienced failure. I felt helpless. I felt that all my hard work had gone to waste. I had decided in my head that I’m leaving the challenge. I had a msg saved in the drafts folder which read how I’m leaving the challenge and won’t be continuing further for my trainer. I was devastated. I remember crying the whole way home. I know most of you are laughing at me right now but for someone whose life revolves around food and who has to take care of other responsibilities as well, this was my breaking point. The exercise was exhausting, I had my assignments delayed. I wasn’t performing my house chores, I wasn’t doing anything responsibly. My life had become a complete mess. Knowing that I had put all of that on hold only to lose two pounds in two weeks was enough to completely shatter my confidence. It was only after a major counseling session with my father and a few friends that I decided not to quit. This isn’t easy to share, I’m not an open person at all. It takes time for me to get comfortable with people so to open up completely about myself and especially this part of my life.

As a child, I was never fat, not even chubby for that matter. It was only after I turned 11 that I started gaining weight. Now at 21, I still face comments on my weight, being obese and how I’m torturing myself with the box of fries I had last night.
Looking back to it, it was probably the best decision I was ever made.  I could go on but you’re probably going on in your head like, ‘Kitna bolti hai yeh!’. Lastly, something for people who want to lose weight or are tired of being obese and want to do something overnight, well NO, there’s NOTHING AS LOSING 10 KGS OVERNIGHT, sorry to break it down to you. Weight loss is not overnight, it’s not something you can find a ‘Jugaar‘ with. Although and by no means am I suggesting this, one of my relatives who wanted to lose weight for his wedding used to eat as much as he wanted to and then would vomit it all out. Not recommended at all. I don’t even know whether he succeeded in doing this either.
I’ll do a separate post on the essentials of weight loss and things you should know before taking a step in this new journey and how exactly these challenges work. Subscribe to my blog to stay updated, and let me know in comments if you’ve ever lost weight or are planning to soon. Would love to know more about your experiences.