Sweat and blood in which he was covered,

Clothes that he wore; almost torn apart,

Tired was his body and peaceful his soul,

Winter was here and boy was it cold?

Relief and peace was on his mind,

For his victory was final this time,

All the hurdles he had to go through,

All the pain he had to endure,

People that he lost and found,

Moments that made him frown,

Gone were all these times; he stands out and shines,

Looking at the sky he shouts at last, ‘ Victory is mine ‘


I wrote this on a sunny day in summer vacations almost four years back. This has been one of my personal favorite. I was thinking about a soldier while writing this, one who had to face a lot of hurdles in his journey. Who had to chose between things and people while making unexpected decisions. A soldier who may have seemingly lost it all but still has the courage to stand up and claim his success.