Oye, kuch kar guzar is certainly one of the most up-to-date, trendy, fresh from the oven if i may say; film that you absolutely NEED to watch.
Even though it seems like its pure entertainment, its so much more than that. A project by the agency AdCom Leo Burnett, presented by DJuice, written and directed by Harris Rasheed; Oye Kuch Kar Guzar has a very important message in it. You may not feel it in the start but as the story unveils, one begins to realize the lesson it has in store for us.
Hats of to the casting director for choosing such wonderful souls, who did absolute justice to their characters. I must say, haven’t seen Uzair Jaswal acting before but he certainly is a potential actor who will definitely have more projects rolling in for him after this. Ali Safina was absolutely perfect as always. Ushna Shah never fails to impress, may that be a comedy role or a serious one. Mahjabeen Habib left me speechless with her excellent dialogue delivery and absolutely brilliant expressions.
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Who ever did those small sketches in between certainly deserves a handful of applause. They were ah-mazing.


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The film itself is one of a kind, brilliantly executed and truly innovative in its own way. Loved how they directly connected with the viewer and gave us the control!
The diversity of the characters is also not something i was expecting. Each having a totally opposite personality than the other, yet they managed to continue the journey together.
Even though i loved everything about the film, the most favorite part was the script. Thoroughly enjoyed the dialogues. Humor at its best, even though sarcastic at times. It was fun to hear them converse.
No issues if you cannot go to the cinema, this is only on YouTube! Anyone can watch it, pause it at their own pace and you get to chose your own endings, the ultimate beauty of Pakistans first online film! If you still haven’t watched it already, what are you waiting for? Oye! Kuch kar guzar.