When was the last time you opened an actual dictionary to find the meaning of something? Pretty long huh? That’s how much the world has progressed. Living in the 21st century no one uses an actual dictionary, calculator, calendar and so on. Everyone has an app for that in their phone. Living in this digital age where everything you need is on your phone, why should the film industry stay behind?

During the past few days a lot of content was circulating about the hashtag Oye Kuch Kar guzar, at first I thought it’s just about city wars, turns out it’s Pakistans first digital movie being launched on YouTube! Did not see that coming.

Mangobaaz released a video recently which went viral and city wars started.


⚡️ Here you go Moments of “#OyeKuchKarGuzar
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With the official launch of YouTube in Pakistan, a lot of opportunities have been created for a lot of us social media freaks! Djuice the first to avail this opportunity is launching the movie on their YouTube channel on 3rd December.



The trailer starts with Ali Safina telling us about how this world has two kinds of people. In my dictionary the two are those who are frequent internet users and those who have no idea what this is all about. Even though the trailer released just yesterday, it’s already circulating everywhere on social media! Check the trailer for yourself to see what he’s talking about.

Trailer – Oye Kuch Kar Guzar

With a cast like Ali Safina, Ushna Shaha, Uzair Jaswal, Mahjabeen Habib and Nayyar Ejaz I can bet that this will be a feast for the eyes and ears!

DJuice has left a lot of us confused and excited at the same time, we can apparently decide the ending ourselves. Something interesting indeed for the first time in the film industry of Pakistan. Way to go DJuice for such a step! Glad to be able to experience such thrill soon.