When i was a kid, i loved drawing, not in class though. I used to be a very picky, organized person when it came to my copies and note books. I wanted to make sure my headings were big and black and underlined and my margins were straight and had equal distance from both sides. I still am organized but mostly for my desktop now. I have the habit of keeping my files into their required folders although sometimes when i’m too lazy, my desktop seems like a jungle gone wild. I used to draw on rough copies or when i was bored. I started sketching when i was 16 and i started doodling like a month back. So clearly i’m new to the concept of visual note taking.

I tried to connect with people who actually do practice Visual Note taking but somehow i wasn’t able to, from what I’ve read, viewed online visual note taking is all about listening even more attentively then when you’re simply writing. Thus being an even more effective method when it comes to learning a new concept, story etc. One has to pay full attention to be able to draw a visual to connect with what you’ve just heard. It’s not about drawing pretty pictures but images that you can understand clearly and remember exactly what the lecturer was trying to convey. Its about symbolizing each story with a visual for a better understanding and long lasting memory of that subject.

Our schools unfortunately aren’t aware of this method, and even if they are they don’t try to promote it. From what i know, not even art schools are trying to implement this in regular studies. I personally loved the idea of visual note taking and i feel it’ll certainly open all the doors of creativity in us which are somehow jammed because of the current standard education system.  To start visual note taking we need to have a vocabulary of visuals, but remember for this you don’t need to be good at drawing you just need to be able to concentrate and produce visuals that explain the whole story.

Here are two references from how i came to know about Visual Note Taking.


Here is a video i persoanlly loved for someone who’s a beginner!

This is another post i loved going through regarding the basics of visual note taking:

Sketch Notes – A guide to Visual Note Taking

Some references that might help you get a better understanding of what Visual Note taking is:




I will definitely try this during my next class, would love to see if any of you does this already or is planning to try this out.