It was just another class of social media and we were waiting for our Sir to arrive and enlighten us even more than he did last week, little did we know today we had to get moving!

So it was decided to trend #SubKayHotayHain as our first class assignment. A group of about 30 students were scratching their heads trying to generate content on the hashtag #SubKayHotayHain suggested by one of the peers. Everyone had different understanding of what the hashtag was about and how it could be utilized. The main idea was to bring into limelight how some things/issues were very common amongst all of us as Desis.


We started the hashtag on Wednesday morning at 11:05 am with the first tweet being:


Some were more interested in the political side of things,

Some decided to play mysterious,

Some remained casual,

Some were a bit towards the serious side,

A total of 1034 tweets and counting, reaching about 88’744 tweeps, making about 676,870 impressions and about 340 contributors #SubKayHotayHain trended in Karachi for about 4 hours continuous. The students loved this exercise and took it as a healthy challenge, with hope to do more and achieve something greater in the future while using social media more effectively.