Education is a very important aspect in a child’s life. So is Religion.
Your child deserves a place where he/she can acquire both education and religious values; where your child’s personality and confidence is developed; where he/she gets to be creative and imaginative and learns something at the same time.
Star Links School (SLS)fits the criteria perfectly. Established in2003, Star Links Schooloffers Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary education.

Their mission is to develop their students for positive participation in a sectarian and global society without compromising on faith, with a passion to seek commonalities to spread the message of peace.
Their aim is to develop a well defined curriculum in all disciplines which is consistent with Qura’an and Sunnah and adopt innovative ideas, instructional methods that integrate technology and all physical and social sciences.
Their vision is to develop confident, dynamic and practicing Muslims in quest of knowledge for lifelong learning, serving with a passion to excel and lead at home, school and in society to achieve the purpose of life.
Now the question is why to choose star links as your child’s school? Three of my siblings have been studying there for a year now. MissAmina Murad, the principal has a very inspiring personality. Ever since my siblings have joined SLS I’ve seen a spark in them. They are improving day by day. They are learning to speak Arabic. My younger sister who is four years old always tells us to shush up on the dining table since her teacher told her that we shouldn’t talk while eating. She recites the Dua loudly so that everyone else is reminded. This other day my nine year old sister was wishing me Good Afternoon in Arabic. I was amazed. My nine year old sister is also learning Calligraphy. They have so many activities going on. The teachers are very sweet and humble. I go to pick and drop my siblings daily and even though they don’t know me, they’d stop and say Salam. The Aayas there, especially Fareeda Aunty, a very humble and ground to earth person; she greets the kids with so much love that you’re forced to pass her a smile before leaving. They have this mike system when the school goes off. You tell the guard your child’s name he’ll call his name in this microphone he has and your child anywhere in the school would know you’re here to pick him up.
There is a separate section for boys and girls. Their secondary program follows rigorous pre-O’level requirements to prepare the students for the O level exams. They also have a prayer area. Every day they perform the Zuhr Namaz before the school gets off. Girls and boys have separate prayer sections as well. They also provide Hifz and Nazra classes as well.
They have annual events as well. In the Annual Sports Dayboys had a different section and separate days as well. Every child had to participate; so even the lazy ones had to take part which is what I like the most, mostly the lazy ones or the not so interested ones opt out of participating in the Sports day but a rule is a rule.
In the Annual Science Fair my mother was surprised at how my nine year old sister was delivering her part of the project in the presentation; since she was never that fluent in English before going to SLS. In fact my six year old sister had memorized all the other class fellows’ parts as well.

My sisters are memorizing Hadith, Basic Duas, Names of the Almighty and different Surahs as well. I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in my sisters since day one; it would certainly be a wise decision to select this as your child’s institution since it’s the school which influences your child’s personality the most.
Admissions are Open these days; do grab a seat for your child before they get occupied fully!
It is situated in 39 C/4, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi, Pakistan.
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Their contact number: 021-34521468

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