Twitter is a platform used for micro-blogging and interacting with people all around the world. It’s that one place which is supposed to stay unique in every way because that’s how it started. It was different. It’s where you fall for the thoughts of people rather than being attracted to them physically. It’s where you’re going to find all sorts of weird, funny and depressed souls. Though recently it has been invaded by ‘P0p PwInC3sez & l0N3Ly lArKaZ‘. Which is very disturbing at times. Twitter is where I’ve met a lot of good people I would love to meet in person some day. Twitter is a place where you can speak your heart out, cry your eyes out or scream your lungs out and nobody would judge you, because that’s what we all are there for; to vent out, to tweet.


Twitter has also been used as a marketing tool by publishing Promotional tweets or trending about their product. Just like Face book.

Twitter has become more like Face book. With the introduction to pinned tweets and this HUGE header it’s pretty obvious they are trying to get the attention of Face book users. Now Face book with its ‘HIGHLY‘ user friendly interface has about 1.23 billion active users and Twitter well, 200 million. With this major difference Twitter like any other website has always tried to achieve more. I feel that the sudden changes Twitter has been making in its interface and which are exactly what Face book made in the past few months is just a way of attracting more users. Thus losing its actual charm. Since Face book and Twitter look so much alike now especially with the new profile outlook, the pinned tweets, the popping notifications and the picture tagging it’s pretty obvious that Twitter is doing all of this to attract a much larger number of users. Users of mainly Face book.
Face book

As an active user for over a year now, I feel pretty low at times when it comes to using Twitter, especially after these sudden updates. I’m glad that they haven’t updated the Twitter app with popping notifications as they are the most annoying. If you’re not on Twitter, don’t register it’s highly addictive once you get the hang of it. Don’t say I didn’t warn Ya!

I have no intention of promoting or degrading any of the above mentioned websites. All are personal views.