What would it be like to actually live twitter? You speak as you tweet. Your twitter followers, following you wherever you go. Which would seem like a rally or something. You see individuals with a thousand people walking behind their back. People talking and gifting each other stars. Imagine this as your life. You going to your office, with these hundred people behind your back. Chatting all along.
Some fighting, some girls in makeup hugging and going on about their date last night. Imagine one of them coming up to you and gifting you a star, then suddenly taking it back, stating she changed her mind cause you’re from Lahore and she’s from Karachi. Hence the birth of city wars takes place on your Timeline. People form groups some Karachiets, some Lahoris and suddenly two Pindis, I mean Rawalpindis appear. Not to forget the suited booted Islamabadis.

Then this guy out of nowhere comes up to you. He’s wearing nerdy glasses. Trying to adjust his braces, wipes his nose and says in a half girly voice, “I’m your silent follower, I love your tweets.” you’re like Ohh wow, gee thanks.

You move ahead suddenly this over sized blue bird approaches you and asks you to close your eyes and jump three times since they have a new update. You do as they ask. You open your eyes and realize you’re in a blue kingdom. You see birds everywhere. You see individuals with twitter birds over them constantly chirping their details. You go a little near and realize you cannot go further, Ohh shoot privacy. You move back, give him a weird look but he can’t see it because you’d have to request him.

You go back to your street, this really good tweet comes in your mind just as you say it, this guy running towards you steals your tweet and runs away. Everybody starts shouting ‘Tweet Chor’ (Tweet Thief). You see him getting RTs and stars by these cute girls.

You further move and suddenly you’ve been placed behind bars. You’re in twitter jail.

Bye, will chat further once you’re out.

P.S Twitter Jail is when you’ve tweeted more than a 1000 times a day. So you’re not allowed to tweet for another 5-6 hours. That period when you’re not allowed to tweet is the part of you being jailed. I’ve been there twice, horrible horrible place.