This story is about two young people; Chrishuannaand Allan. They both are high school best friends. Chrishuanna loves Allan dearly but Allan on the other hand isn’t interested in Chrissie the way she is in him.

The first chapter starts with Chrishuanna at an exhibition feeling rather low.

The book is written very well. The plot is well constructed and the author has clearly put a lot of effort in Chrissie’s character. The whole story is from Chrishuannas perspective. You get a chance of getting to know Chrissie. You get to go through her soul and actually relate to what she’s feeling at some point.

I still have questions though, about Allan. Why he didn’t want to go further in the relationship. I feel like he was living a lie. He wanted to be there for Chrissie, help her, make her smile and yet he didn’t want to go further with what they had already. I’m still unable to understand Allan, I feel like he could have been constructed better. 

I was hooked to the novel after Chrissie received Allans letter.

I love how Chrissie improved herself through the process, how she was strong enough to move on and how Allah was the sensible one to make her go on with life. If it wasn’t for Allans first move with the letter, I knew Chrissie would have completely given up on life, though she had already.

Do read it! I recommend it to all the fiction lovers. Not the typical love story. It’s different in so many ways and very much relatable.

Rating: 4/5.


What inspired you to write ‘The beginning after the End’?

I always wanted to write a book and put all the ideas which cross my head on paper. Stories were working in my mind but then I finally realized I was quite deep in to them. That is actually when I started working on the plot and came up with “The Beginning after the End”. It has been inspired by some personal experiences, observations, traveling and much more. I believe it’s the personal conviction of the beliefs with gives the story much more strength and binds the reader with it.

While writing it how many times did you faced the writer’s block and totally left the idea?

I can’t remember if I ever faced writer’s block while working on my debut book. Probably because I was a bit too passionate about it. Also, when I feel I can’t think of something new or creative, I just keep writing even if it is just crap. We can always refine it later. It is important to keep you going so this trick always works for me.

Why is Allan’s character so confused? Why isn’t he willing to take the next step in the relationship?

Well, that is how Allan is.  He is afraid of failure and he can’t stand hurting Chrissie in any way. He thinks the pain of not getting her would be less than the life time pain of a failure or of not being able to come up to her expectations. I intentionally left some loopholes for the readers to fill regarding their relationship and perceptions.

What were the major difficulties that you faced in writing this novel?

In Pakistan, one always has to be careful about “what” he/she is writing as that has to be read by the teachers, parents, siblings and so on. I also had to omit a lot of things while writing my book and I am not very happy about it. Society puts numerous full stops even to the kind of art we practice here. A part from that, I wasn’t able to launch my book in Pakistan. The publishers here don’t usually agree to work with the new/indie authors and if they do, they demand a huge lump of money. Being a student, I am still sorting out with this issue. And generally for all the self-published authors, promotion and marketing is a big challenge. When you are a beginner, you have no idea how and which audience you have to target. Paid marketing is not always successful hence you have to keep trying. For us, social media is the best tool but even for one needs networking, contacts, expertise and a lot of time to be successful.

Is the response up to your expectations or you still feel like, it’s not getting the exact appreciation it deserves?

When I was in the phase of writing, all of my author friends advised me to be patient after the launch. I had a fair idea that it takes a lot of time to get your words read across the boundaries. This thought usually consumes you but I didn’t jump with a lot of expectations. Luckily, the book is doing really good in UK and USA. I can’t say anything about Pakistan since the book isn’t here yet. Who knows what tomorrow holds. I hope people will welcome it here as well. At least the response on my official author page shows a bright horizon.

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Chrishuannas character, what made you create her? What were thoughts when you were sketching her down?

When I was writing about her, I used to put myself in that character and come up with the feelings, thoughts, questions… I cried when she cried and I laughed when she laughed. As I mentioned above, she is a lot like me. I always thought that personal conviction is much stronger than anything else. Since it is the most original one, it has the ability to move the readers. I experimented with this method and I am sure there are so many Chrishuannas out there willing to take up a new start, a new life. I came across so many girls who could relate to her.

Is there going to be a sequel? If yes, when is it coming out?

No, this book was single. I am working on the next book which is completely different from this theme. I am planning to launch it at the end of 2014. Almost done with finalizing the plot and the pre-requisites of actually writing it on paper.

Hafsa Idrees is a multifaceted budding 21 years old writer who has contributed as a content writer for a number of websites and magazines. She holds “The 2010 Regional Ricoh (USA) Sustainable and Development Award” for her contribution to the joint Entomology research paper for INTEL ISEF 2010. She also wrote for GOI Peace Foundation Japan. She has numerous honors credited to her name including the Editor and Ambassador of Pakistan’s First Youth Newspaper “Shascha“, Assistant SEO Manager of Revolution Flame, Head of the Creative Department at Fortune Technologies and the Award for “Best Ten Paintings” on World Science Day for Peace Development (2006) by Pakistan Science Foundation. Having graduated from Punjab University, Lahore with roll of honor, currently she is pursuing her Masters in Anthropology from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.

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I hope you all enjoy the book as much as i did. 🙂