Humor certainly has a special place in our lives, especially in a man’s life. It is said that women usually fall for the trait of humor in a man.

In this book the author Mateen Hamza has unraveled his Wisdumbs on bosses, meeting, success, social media, wives and life in general. 

Mateen Hamza

In the book 101 Wisdumbs he used pun and his own creativity to come up with genuine humor on some of the critical matters of life. The book has a treat for all age groups ranging from a 15 year old kid to a 90 year old grand father. All of them can relate to what the author is trying to convey.

I personally liked the idea of using the daily matters of life and presenting them to us from a different perspective. I liked how he played with words and was able to make the reader laugh by his one liners. Having worked most of his life in the corporate sector, a major part of the book is about bosses and meetings. I was also impressed by the title. You don’t expect a man of his age writing Wisdumbs rather than a book on Wisdom.

Moving on, let me tell you a bit more about the author. Mateen Hamza is a marketing professional by choice, but a blogger, humorist, cartoonist and a story teller by fluke. He is also the founder of HumorCarbonsTM. It’s nothing short of a miracle that he survived IBA in the first go. Except for writing humor as a hobby, he uses humor in his day to day life as well. He is always trying to create something fresh and says his family is his inspiration. He has also worked with two renowned authors Mr. Qaiser Abbas and Mr.  Hammad Siddiqui as a Cartoonist for their books. (Tick Tick Dollar, Sar Utha Kay Jeo and Bootstrapping your Career with Hammad Siddiqui)

Mr. Rasheed Jung the former MD of PARCO said,

“I thoroughly enjoyed the contents of 101 Wisdumbs. It has sense of humor, amusing and in true sense reflects in number of ways our day to day life happenings and experience.”

Mr. Sarfaraz A Rehman the President and CEO of Engro foods Ltd wishes Mateen Hamza good luck with the book 101 Wisdumbs and further says

“A simple man trying to lighten our everyday life for us.”

I really enjoyed reading the book myself. Creativity certainly has no price; You can order your copy by messaging the page 101Wisdumbs or by emailing at