Attended the campaign launch of the project I Am The Change by Engro Foundation today. Their idea being ‘ Real change begins when individuals join forces to take collective actions ‘. The event started at around 3:30 with Sir Sarfaraz A. Rehman telling us a bit about what Engro Foundation is all about. Next up we had Naila Kassim telling us more about ‘ I Am The Change ‘ campaign.
Didn’t really got a chance to take pictures or it could have been due to my laziness anyways. It was a good event. Met Abid Beli , Disco Maulvi and Sarfaraz Ahmed Rehman with Mateen Hamza (Humor Carbons) at the event #IAmTheChange by Engro Foundation held at The Second Floor (T2F).
A volunteer from PWA, the principal of The Garage School and a person from Karachi Vocational Training Center give speeches as well. Got to learn a lot. There are indeed many out there to be heard. Many Heros hidden waiting to be appreciated and supported. Many working for Pakistan and its development. It is indeed a remarkable effort by Engro. Do visit and spread the word.
Engro Foundation supports a total of 11 schools in the ‘ katcha ‘ area and 10 schools around Daharki and Qadirpur, with a total enrollment of over 3000 students. They further support clinics and specialized treatment centers as well. They have established ‘ Sahara Arts and Crafts center for Women ‘ and in the process of establishing a training institute for boys as well.
Engro Foundation launched the ‘ I Am The Change ‘ campaign by the name of ‘ Unsung Heros ‘ in 2012 on Independence Day. With I Am The Change campaign, their motive is to recognize the efforts of passionate Pakistanis who want to work for shaping a better tomorrow, as they strive for change through long-term investments in the key areas of Education, Health and Livelihood. 
Sarfaraz Ahmed Rehman – CEO, Engro Foods said,  ” We strongly believe in investing in tomorrow by taking complete ownership to inspire change. ” 
To participate in the ‘ I Am The Change ‘ competition, nominations can be submitted through . The entries will be judged by a panel of judges. The competition is open till the end of December 2013 whereas the entries will be evaluated in January. Winners will be selected on the basis of the scope of their social work; level of impact, number of beneficiaries and the ability to replicate the program amongst other key considerations.
If you know someone who is doing something for the fellow citizens in the field of Education Health or Livelihood please send their story and get them registered. The results will be announced in January 2014. 
For further information you can visit their official website mentioned above or visit their Facebook page at : Engro Foundation.