Hassas dil walay loog na parhay. Shukria.

I wish of a world where we could go on doing whatever we want to without being called names at. I wish of a world where people would be allowed to be themselves. I wish of a world where things like Poverty, Suicide bombers, Bomb blasts, Early Marriages, Child rape cases, Bullying, Drug addiction, Bars, Red zone areas, Over population, Illiteracy, Terrorism, Atheism and etc won’t exist.

I wish of a world where people won’t JUDGE you by your clothes! Living in the 21st century people still have time to judge others by what they’re wearing when they have no right to judge others in the first place and even if POSSIBLY they do ; “OVER CLOTHES”?!! Seriously? You’re going to judge people, and may I say honorable people over pieces of threads weaved together? This is where we show what we think. Our mindsets. Our priorities. Our way of thinking. It hurts me when I hear such remarks. When people actually “label” you as poor. It defines what they think being rich is! Being rich is not about having a million dollars in your pocket or owning five foreign branded cars or having acres and acres of valuable land! NO.
Being rich is when people say good about you behind your back! When people want to be with you not because you’re going to gift them a gold coin on every visit but because you both are going to share moments of happiness without any sort of prejudice, hatred or jealousy involved but genuine love, care and friendship.

I feel pity for people who value clothes, money more than people. Who value cars more than friendship. Who value their status more than other people’s feelings! Is this what you learnt growing up? Is this what your parents taught you? To be materialistic instead of being a little considerate about what the other person might go through just because you wanted to  

Show Off Your Level Of Stupidity By Opening Your Stupid Mouth”?

I feel sorry. Whenever I’m invited to parties and events and I have to “BE” nice and fake respect I prefer to sit in a corner with my little siblings because I know that they would teach me far better lessons than those people who have nothing to talk about but gossip.

I wish I could change the thoughts of kids who feel superior to those who can’t afford an IPhone. Kids who actually think that owning an IPhone or riding in a BMW would make them better than others or that their class, status should actually matter. I wish of a world where people would actually want to know who you are and not just your name and what your stupid bio states. Where people would be impressed by your thoughts and your talents rather than by knowing if your purse is by “C*****” or you bought it from the Sunday market. Where people would be impressed by your cooking skills rather than by knowing if you had “1******* ka pizza last night” .

I wish people would just stop all this madness. They themselves created this trend of riding no less than in a “Liana” or wearing none other than “S*** *******”. We understand if you like its designs or the colors they have suit you more but the competition! The depression you all become a victim of knowing that your favorite dress in no more available. That you’d have to wear the OLD dress to the NEW party! I mean please just stop! Why be so materialistic? Why be so careful with your clothes rather than with your own manners? Your own personality? Why not spend the same time thinking how you can make yourself a better person than wasting it in thinking if G** ***** has a better Eid collection or S*** *******.

People think that by wearing branded stuff and by valuing things more they can buy respect for themselves and sadly with the increasing downfall in our level of “COMMON SENSE” it is a fact that if you wear branded high heels with a matching leather purse you are more likely to get the job.

I wish I could change this pattern of thinking but you can’t change the mindsets of people belonging to the age group of 40-60. Now can you? They’ll shush me up in less than a second. They’ll go on ruining the lives of their children and them with their children and so a whole generation takes birth with a materialistic mind because of that one lady who thought that clothes matter more than a human heart. I CAN change thoughts of those who are close to me. I can make them think differently.

No offence to the brands mentioned above. My motive was not to harm or to publicize them in any way.