What is a mirror? Stupid question right? Well yes it is actually. The thing is mirror is that thing which reflects whatever it’s presented with. It gives back the same image. It shows us whatever we present it maybe in the other direction but it’s exactly what we present it with.
Or is it?
Ever thought? Actually ever tried? When you look in a mirror what do you see?
Do you see courage? Or do you see a coward standing? Have you ever thought while looking in the mirror what is inside of you? That only you and the Almighty can view? Have you ever thought about the person inside of your body when looking at the mirror? Does that person seems a stranger to you? Or are you fully aware of who ever resides in your body?
Do you see a strong person or a weak soul? Do you see strength? Do you sense clumsiness? Do you see faults? Do you see imperfection? Or is it the total opposite? Is it strength that you see? Is it perfection? Can you sense a strong will power? What do you see?
Do you sense happiness? Do you sense satisfaction? Do you feel comfortable? Do you feel totally okay in your body? Or do you sense sadness? Frustration? Irritation?
Do you ever tell yourself out loud :
“ Yup I’m a freak “
Or do you say :

“ I’m awesome and you can’t change that “?

What do you feel like? What do you think? What is the first thought which arises in your mind at the sight of self in the mirror?
Do you see colours? Variety of bright colours? Or Black? Darkness? Dullness? Sadness?Depression? What do you feel when you look in to your own soul? How do you feel? Is it a good feeling? Is it a bad feeling? Do you ever curse yourself when looking in the mirror? Or are you satisfied with your inner soul? With your character? With your nature? With your priorities? With your habits? Do you feel satisfied , comfortable when you take a glance of yourself?
What do you find when you look in the mirror? Is it just a mere reflection? Or is it more than that?
It is. It is much more than just a mere reflection.
It represents your soul. It represents who you are from the inside. It represents your habits, nature,priorities, character, temperament and so much more. It represents YOU and not only the flesh and blood.
Have you ever thought of that person inside? Of what he needs to survive? Have you ever thought of feeding yourself spiritually or productively? Have you ever given time to your own soul? Have you ever tried to find out what makes you different? What makes you “ A Limited Edition “ ? What makes you special? Have you ever given your soul time for its nourishment? For its development?
So the next time you look in the mirror. Wait. Stop. Think again.
This article for originally published at The Gaibian Post.