Well technically i don’t have a job. Though i do work voluntarily for this online magazine but the job i’d be talking about here is the job of being an elder sister. Yes it is one tough job indeed.
With six young bachas and bachiyan it certainly is a HOUSEFUL !

1) I now have the habit of doing things by myself because i know that relying on other people especially your siblings would be the dumbest thing ever.

2) I knew how to change diapers by the age of fifteen i guess that would be a perk when i’d be a mom someday.

3) I’m now used to being disgraced by people younger than me so i guess when i actually do have a job i won’t be having much ego issues with a younger Boss.

4) The unlimited praises by the various aunt’s and uncle’s. The feeling i get when my mom proudly tells other people yeah she’s like my right hand. Yeah i’m every bodies favorite except my siblings.The duas and the peaceful feeling inside me that i’m some use to my parents and they didn’t just gave birth to me for tweeting and eating bun kababs with the burger kids !

5) Nihari, Kunna you name it ! I knew how to cook by the age of 16.

6) I’m very much used to the fact that i’d be copied that actually brings out the good side of me ( if i have one ) because i know that after my mom I’m the next big influence on my younger siblings.

7) Being realistic. This is the best of all. See i now know what how and when to spend time money and energy. Actually omit the time part.

8) Positiveness ! Being optimistic even when my 10 months old baby brother breaks my spectacles. See Ma Shaa Allah he’s becoming stronger and stronger day by day.

9) Patience ! With toddlers around the house you’d need a full bucket of that.

10) The last but not the least. I now know how to deal with people having different kinds of temperaments. Too many personalities in my own house to be observed.

These are the 10 reasons why i think that the job of being an elder sister is the best of all and to answer your query i’m just seventeen J