Who hasn’t read Umru Ayar ? The skinny guy with a zambeel full of infinite treasures ? 
And even if you haven’t read any of his tales get ready to know him in a much better way. Now you must be wondering what way am i talking about.
Well the famous “ Kachee Goliyan “  brings to you a comic book on Umru Ayar. Yes you did read Comic Book ! Surprised ? This book is going to be in Urdu which means Urdu Comics now we don’t get that a lot do we ?
Umru Ayar
Another thing which I really liked was the fact that Pakistan still has such individuals who actually care about our language and this book will be playing a major role in the revival of Urdu Language which is awesome. J

Its going to be launched in the second week of April can’t wait to get my own copy.
Here’s a picture of how Umru’s going to appear in the book :
Umru Ayar

This is a sneak peak from the actual book :

Link to their Facebook page : Umru Ayar – facebook fan page