Life is full of ups and downs we all face problems and with time learn to tackle them we all have to go through different stages and at the end what we are is what we’ve chosen to become every other person faces certain issues daily weekly or yearly but in those times we shouldn’t curse ourselves or give up we should have hope have faith ; for the better is yet to come at times like this we usually end up crying but my perspective of life changed due to just one sentence just this one line changed my view of everything and that was all that I could ever ask for !
A few weeks back I was discussing some things with a very good friend of mine. I was complaining and bragging about some things and she just said this one thing she told me 
“ Try strengthening  your relationship with ALLAH [ SWAT ] “
and that was it she placed down everything in my hands just like that she told me the biggest secret the obvious truth.
You see He gave us soo much without us asking for it. I mean how many of you asked to be born with proper mental and physical abilities ? How many of you even asked to be born ALIVE ? Nobody did. Not even me. Not even the Last Prophet ( P.B.U.H ). The point is that He created us. He granted us and still is granting us, blessing us with things we can never deserve. We have become so involved in this life that we have forgotten about the other one. The more important one. The one which has NO DEATH. 

The one right now is temporary. That life is permanent. How would you like to spend it ? Would you want to be punished for the sins or be blessed for the good deeds ? Wouldn’t you want to meet your creator ? The one who gives you the ability to breath! The one who gives you food to eat water to drink clothes to wear vehicles to drive in and soo on. He gives you soo much and all He asks in return is to remember Him! 

A lot of us don’t pray. A lot of have even forgotten the proper method! Be blessed by this month of Ramazan and repent! Ask for forgiveness and you will be forgiven. He craves for your attention! He wants you to remember Him! and what are you doing ? Are you even thanking Him for giving life to you ? For raising you in a Islamic well educated family ? Are you even thanking Him for being able to talk walk by yourself with out any difficulty ? 

Nobody’s perfect nobody’s life is either I’m sure you might have something troubling you in the back of your mind and if you don’t that’s a blessing but if you do don’t brag about it instead learn to have faith in Him learn to trust Him for what He has to offer.
Realize your blessings! Embrace them! and most importantly Thank for them!
I hope you learned something.